Animal Husbandary And Veterinary Services


  1. Providing health care for domestic animals and poultry population of the district and to protect them from contagious and non contagious diseases
  2. Improvement of the Productivity of livestock and Poultry through Scientific breeding, Feeding and Management.
  3. Formulating Schemes to supplement the income of small and marginal Farmers and Agricultural Laborers and to help them in securing financial assistance.
  4. Conducting live stock census once in five Years.
  5. Providing assistance to livestock and Poultry co- operative societies for the benefit of producers and consumers

Office Address:

Office of the Deputy Director,
Animal Husbandary And Veterinary Services,
Palasandra Layout,
Veterinary Hospital compound,
Near K.S.R.T.C Depot Kolar
Phone Number : 08152 – 240397